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|relatives = Sophia, Queen consort of England (Formerly Duchess of Sussex) May 20,1990- March 23,2041 is the wife of King Henry IX (Formerly Duke of Sussex) and the only daughter of Susana Garcia and an unknown father. Sophia was Duchess of Sussex from 2017-2031, then Queen Consort of England and the British Domains from 2031 until her death in 2041. Garcia was a American lawyer, specializing in refugees and human rights. Her relatives include Queen of Jordan and descendants include King & Queen's of England, King's of Denmark and Sweden. Sophia is both a mutual maternal and paternal descendants for a number of European Royalty including Monaco, Spain, Denmark, England, Spain, Sweden, and Luxembourg.

Early Life & Education

Sophia Celeste Maria Garcia was born May 15,1991 at San Antonio Regional Hospital at 3:29 pm. She was the elder daughter of Susana Garcia and an unknown father. Sophia's father abandoned her and her mother shortly after her birth. Sophia had one younger half-brother by the name of Jay from her mother's marriage. Sophia lived with her grandparents all of her life.

Sophia attended Pre-Kindergarten at the age of 3. She continued her primary education in the same school district. Sophia was a straight A student from the moment she entered school. Garcia attended Edgewood Evergreen High School from 2005-2009 where she graduated Valedictorian with a 7.95 GPA. Sophia was an active member in the school's Marching and Concert Bands, UIL Academic Competitor, member of National Honors Society (NHS), member of Future Farmer's of America (FFA), Student Council where Garcia was class president all 4 years, Mock Trail Team, and Debate Team. Garcia then attended University of Texas at Austin from 2009-2011 where she graduated with the Highest Honor and a 4.0 GPA. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Political Science Sophia went to Harvard Law School in the Fall of 2011 and graduated June 2015 with Summa Cum Laude, the first in 16 years.

Personal Life

Sophia has talked about past relationship's, later disclosing that she has only had 2 boyfriends. Sophia began dating her Private Secretary Christopher Diaz from 2005-2011. Sophia remained good friends after the break up with Diaz. In 2015, after Sophia had passed the bar, she requested Diaz to become her personal assistant. Kellinda, Sophia's cousin, later explained that the couple broke up shortly before Sophia left to Harvard Law School to not continue the relationship long distance.

Sophia met, then Prince Harry, at 4th annual Sentebale in Connecticut where Sophia was interning for the owner. They exchange a few words, later he described her as rude and stressed, and Sophia said her rudeness was not intentional. The two began dating in June of 2013 while Sophia was in her 2nd year of Law School at Harvard.

Engagment & Wedding

Prince Harry & Sophia Garcia announced their engagement December 26, 2016 by Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. Prince Harry chose the engagement ring of Sophia's family heirloom. The Mexican-American styled engagement ring was given to him by Sophia's aunt who the ring was in possession last. The couple married at St. Paul's Cathedral on May 1, 2017. Prince Harry was given the title Duke of Sussex, Earl of Ross, and Baron Kingston. Sophia was then titled Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex


Just 8 months after the wedding Sophia gave birth to son named Sebastian. The child was born 2 months early and said to be a difficult birth by both The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The pregnancy was never officially announced by either Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, or Clarence House. The public was more than aware of the Duchess's pregnancy as she continued to do engagements until a week before the birth of her son. Buckingham Palace announced the child's name as Sebastian Charles Joseph Philip on January 20, 2018.

The Duchess's second pregnancy announcement was made in June 2018 and the child was due January of 2019. Like her first pregnancy, the Duchess continued engagements until 2 weeks before the birth. The Duchess gave birth to a daughter, later named Eleanor Susan Elizabeth Diana Margaret on January 29, 2019

Buckingham Palace announced a third pregnancy in April of 2021, as the child was due in September of the same year. Unlike the previous two pregnancies, The Duchess was forced to cancel any engagements after July and was hospitalized that same month. Buckingham Palace later announced The Duchess was improving and that she was pregnant with twins. The sexes of the babies were kept a secret and it was later revealed it was The Duke and Duchess themselves decided to not know the sex of the babies. The Duchess gave birth to a son and a daughter on September 29, 2021. The children's names were later announced as John Edmund Nicholas Anthony Henry and Mary Alice Caroline Victoria.

A fourth pregnancy was announced by Buckingham Palace. The Duchess gave birth to a son named Albert Michael Gabriel Spencer on May 25, 2023 in London. The Duchess's last pregnancy was announced by Buckingham Palace on July of 2025. The birth of a daughter named Isabella Rosalind Alexandra Jane on December 25, 2025.

When asked to describe her children after becoming Queen Consort the Duchess was quick to laugh but answered. Sebastian was "Manipulative", Eleanor was "Unorthodox", John was "Simple", Mary was "Dutiful", Albert was "Mindful", Isabella was "Ambitious"

Public Life & Charity Work

As the Duchess of Sussex, Sophia became a Patron of several charities. The Duchess only choose a few of her husband's patronages, and joined a few from other members of the royal family. 100 Women in Hedge Fund, Dolen Cymru, MapAction, Centrepoint, Wellchild, British Red Cross, Sentebale, The Royal Foundation, Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, Children in Crisis, Humanitas, Not For Sale, & Invictus Games were chosen by The Duchess from her husband and the royal family.

Sophia, herself, was a Patron of several funds prior to her marriage and President of a few others. Sophia sat as President of South Texas Teen Democrats from 2010-2017 after she herself founded the non-profit organization in 2006. Sophia was a patron of Lopez Family Foundation, Eva's Heroes, Clinton Foundation, American Latino Museum, National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Hispanic Women's Network of Texas, Habitat for Humanity, United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, Human Rights Campaign, Human Rights Watch, American Cancer Society, United Nations Children's Fund, & Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Duchess also served as Vice President of Mexican American Political Association from 2015-2017, General Counsel from 2015-2017 of Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Chairwoman from 2014-2017 of Voto Latino, Council on Foreign Relations- 2015-2017, and a lawyer from 2015-2017 of the Jolie Legal Foundation.

Duchess of Sussex

The Duke and Duchess choose Buckingham Palace as the official residence after Sophia convinced Harry to stay close to his grandparents. It was said Sophia choose Buckingham Palace to stay in the Queen Elizabeth's good graces and gain influence once she had passed. Sophia refused to take on a nanny to help raise the children and brought them on many occasions to engagements. She was described as loving, kind, hard working, and manipulative mother. Her children later described her as amazing, but cold. Her husband then commented, "She knew her duty. She knew what was expected of her. She was an amazing mother, wife, and queen to you all. Unfortunately, there was a darkness behind the scenes that only I saw." This comment was made at her funeral in 2041. Sophia was a patron for a number of mental health charities due to her own struggles with depression, anxiety, & bi-polar disorder. Sophia held the title Duchess of Sussex for 14 years before being named Queen Consort of England and the British Domains.

Daughter-in-law to the King

Queen Elizabeth II died in early 2025 and Charles, Prince of Wales was proclaimed King Charles III of England and the British Domains in December of that same year. The Duke and Duchess's children previously held the title of Lord & Lady, but were not given the titles of Prince & Princess upon their grandfather's accession as per request of the Duchess Sophia. In 2028 Prince William, Prince of Wales and Kate, Princess of Wales were rumored to be getting a divorce after almost 17 years of marriage. Prince William renounced his succession rights, thus the rights of his children, the then, 15 year old Prince George and 13 year old Princess Charlotte. Prince Harry was named heir apparent to the British throne.

Queen Consort

In 2031 King Charles died from heart complications. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were given a joint coronation later on that year. The new King & Queen toured the British Domains along side their children. After a 4 month tour, a month long tour of North America was commissioned. Queen Sophia was compared to Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, and Mary of Teck, Queen Consort. Sophia only held the title of Queen Consort until her death in March 2041.

Alleged Affair & Drug Use

Christopher Diaz was a long time personal secretary of Queen Sophia since 2015 until she was named Queen Consort of England in 2031. The two remained good friends, even awarding Diaz and Earldom. Two years before Queen Sophia's death it was said that the marriage between the king and queen was no longer happy and Queen Sophia had requested a divorce. The Queen's eldest daughter, Eleanor, then admitted several years after her mother's death that the queen was having an affair. Daughter Mary, denied this claim saying the two were happy, and an affair and divorce never happened. Of Queen Sophia's 6 children, 3 say the affair and divorce did happen, but the others say it did not.

Queen Sophia's drug and alcohol use was extensive during her high school years. This was the main reason of Queen Sophia being a patron of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. It was said that Sophia would drink extensively every weekend during her high school years and smoked marijuana almost every day. She was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning over 5 times during high school and another 10 when she was in college. There were reports of depression for years and Diaz, the queen's private secretary later admitted that there were several suicide attempts when Sophia was in high school and college. This is something the queen's cousin, Jocelyn, struggled with and the queen's brother to an extent.


On March 23, 2041, Queen Sophia suffered a heart attack mid- afternoon at Buckingham Palace. She was found by her youngest daughter, Princess Isabella. A public announcement was made by Buckingham Palace the next day after informing the Queen's immediate family of her passing. Thousands of people stood outside Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to their queen with photos and flowers. Buckingham Palace was covered in red roses, a personal favorite of the queen since a child. King Henry scheduled a private ceremony in England for immediate family. Another closed casket funeral was made public at Westminster Abbey the following day. The last was in the queen's grandfather chapel in Texas. The Queen was buried in a family plot in Texas as per her will.

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