Kellinda Rodriguez Edit

Queen Fatima of Jordan, born March 5, 1995, is the wife of King Hussein II of Jordan and the eldest daughter of Sara Rodriguez and an unknown military soldier. Kellinda was a biomedical engineer in Austin, Texas and later converted to Islam upon her engagement to the then Crown Prince Hussein. Queen Fatima's relatives include her cousin Queen Sophia of England, nephew President John F. Schlossberg, niece Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, niece Princess of Monaco, and second cousins King's and Queen's of England.

Early Life & Education Edit

Fatima attended the same educational schools as her cousin Queen Sophia of England and younger sister Jocelyn Schlossberg. Queen Fatima attended Edgewood Evergreen High School where she graduated Top Ten. Fatima then went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to get her degree in Biomedical Engineering.

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