Jocelyn Schlossberg (nee Rodriguez; born August 19,2000) is a American lawyer, politician, & activist.

Early Life & Education

Jocelyn was born to Sara Rodriguez and an unknown military soldier. She was the youngest of three, a older brother named Mario, and an older sister, Queen Fatima of Jordan.

Jocelyn attended the same school's as her first cousin Queen Sophia. Jocelyn was constantly compared to her elder cousin. The two even shared mental health issues including anxiety and depression. Jocelyn graduated high school as valedictorian with a 7.97 GPA. She went to University of Texas at Austin where she graduated in 2 year with the Highest Honor just like her cousin. Rodriguez then went to Columbia University to obtain her law degree. Rodriguez received the James Kent Scholar recognition, the highest honor at Columbia University.

Personal Life

Rodriguez has been involved in numerous scandals, most of them including her choice of relationships. She began a fling with Tyler Clinton, nephew of Bill Clinton. The two meet when Jocelyn was 14, and Clinton is 6 years her senior. The relationship was kept hidden until after the two reportedly ended the relationship some months before Jocelyn's 17th birthday. Her second relationship was with Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster shortly after her 18th birthday. The relationship with the Duke lasted 3 years and he was reported that the Duke had proposed and was in love. The relationship was disapproved by Jocelyn's family, especially the Duchess of Sussex who told Jocelyn to end the relationship. The Duke later admitted that he proposed on several occasions, only to be turned down. After the relationship with the Duke of Westminster ended Jocelyn reportedly began a relationship with John Schlossberg, son of Caroline Kennedy and grandson of US President John F. Kennedy. The two dated for some time before they were married on December of 2025.

Jocelyn struggled with drugs and alcohol at a young age. Later admitting that her problem began when she was just 13. Jocelyn, like her elder cousin Queen Sophia, struggled with depression and anxiety caused from stress of school. Jocelyn turned to heavy prescription drugs and alcohol. This continued on until she graduated from Columbia University. She credits herself and her then boyfriend John with helping her get the much needed help she wanted.

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